shoe shack SPUNKYsoul Chakra Balancing Bracelet for Women Collection



? 100% NATURAL STONES. No synthetic, simulated, resin, plastic, dyed or man made imitations. I carefully selected each stone based on it’s beauty, color and known ability to balance its associated chakra. 1st Chakra – Carnelian | 2nd Chakra – Citrine (Clear) | 3rd Chakra – Tigers Eye (AAA Grade) | 4th Chakra – Malachite | 5th Chakra – Turquoise (from Mexico) | 6th Chakra – Lazurite | 7th Chakra – Amethyst (Clear AA Grade). Measures 18cm/7.08 inches round.? CHAKRA BALANCING. Use of this balancing chakra bracelet relies on the power of the pure gemstones or crystals. This bracelet uses stones with particular energy properties believed to subtly change the wearer’s life and health. Positive energy emanates from each of the stones and re-balances the chakras. Measures 18cm/7.08 inches round.? IT’S GIFT READY! A gift for yourself or makes a great gift for a birthday, holiday, graduation, going away party, incentive, changing jobs, brides maids or the beginning of any new journey. INCLUDES ETHINC DRAWSTRING GIFT BAG and Chakra meaning card. The meaningful card and bag make it gift-ready straight from Amazon.? SAFE TO WEAR: Lead & Nickel Free in compliance with all U.S., State requirements & the CPSIA.? SPUNKYsoul 100% HAPPINESS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Return to Amazon FREE within 30 days, no questions asked FREE RETURNS


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